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Our tutors are so excited to work with you! We ask that you follow these guidelines when registering for a session. Please read them over carefully as breaking from the guidelines may result in the cancelation of your  sessions. 

1. Our goal is to make these sessions available to the most amount of students. Please limit registration to a maximum of 2 sessions per student per week.


2. You may not register for a session with less than 24 hours notice.

3.  Some, but not all of our tutors, are happy to spend a session with you/your child teaching without guidance from school worksheets. However, unstructured sessions take a lot of preparation in order to make fun and engaging. If you are looking for an unstructured session (one without school work given from a teacher) your chosen tutor may not be able to accommodate. 

4. Tutors have indicated what age groups and subjects they feel comfortable tutoring. If a session is booked outside of these specifications the tutor may choose to not accept the session. This includes booking English language learning sessions with an academic tutor and vice versa.

5. Please carefully review our "No Show Policy" here.

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